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Every month, we update our blog with a new flower that we think might be interesting for you! Check back in to learn all about their origin, their care instructions or simply, a memory they might bring with them!



Remarkably, the Hydrangea can change its color on its own from blue to pink and pink to blue naturally induced by the environment or by the grower.

Pink hydrangeas have many different meanings, but the most accepted is , "You are the beat of my heart", as described by the celebrated Asian florist Tan Jun Yong, when he stated

"The light delicate blush of the petals reminds me of a beating heart, while the size could only match the heart of the sender!"

Hydrangeas grow best in moist, well-drained soil. Most hydrangeas benefit from some shade, especially in hot climates. When you are planting a hydrangea, remember that the blooms and stems must be protected from strong winds and the hot afternoon sun.

PS, if you plan on using these in a bouquet, remember that they should be prepared as close as possible to the actual ceremony and kept refrigerated and hydrated until ready for use!


Upper Class

A bright bright red, particularly popular flower, a heavy petal count and a firm stem... what more can one ask for, right?

Apparently, that's all it takes. The Upper Class Roses have proven themselves to be one of the most attractive within the flower wholesale industry.

Ironically, this 'most-wanted' flower is almost impossible to find during the one week it matters most!

As wholesale florists will likely confirm, you best be sure to place your orders early on this one. Come February, flower exporters, like ourselves, might as well generate an auto-reply "Sorry, buddy! You're too late!"


Julieta Creme

Garden roses tend to steal the spotlight in any bouquet - especially bridal ones - being the perfect luxury flower... actually, any special flower arrangement for that matter.


Due to their size, stunning shape, and heavy petal count, they are so romantic and soft. Their year-long availability and their long vase lives make them predictable, and who doesn't want that? (Especially at times where the world is not!)

They do have one downside though: those fresh cut flowers are usually 3-4 times more expensive than standard roses.


Captain Ventura

Native to South Africa, Calla Lilies deserve a spot in the garden or at home providing a spectacular effect with their rich, cheerful colors.

Rising elegantly on sturdy stems, this Calla Lily will grow up to 40-50 cm tall!

With very little work needed, they will burst into bloom and add bright notes of summer color to your home - if you have them as fresh cut flowers.

Crisp white flowers emerge from a lush clump of thick, sword-like foliage from late spring through midsummer adding an exotic, tropical flair to any entryway, porch, or patio. Just keep an eye out to the heaters around these beauties... they tend to get overwintered during cold winters.



These beautiful blooms naturally bring the chime and freshness of summer into homes.
Lift your spirits with these bold blossoms that inspire happiness all around! To make planning a garden lower-maintenance, this plant prefers to grow in moist soil and shade (though the sun can be added).

It is perfect for anyone who loves chrysanthemums. The petals look like sunshine after an April rain.

Flowers, flowers, and more beautiful flowers. Bring home a bouquet of Momoko chrysanthemums this May for the one you love. The deep magenta color is perfect to represent your sentiments in the month of romance.



Carnations got the name Dianthus from two Greek Words - "Dios", referring to the god Zeus, and "anthos", meaning flower. Carnations are thus "The Flowers of God".

Pink, in the floral world symbolizes the Mother's love, so don't be surprised if you see these beauties subtly taking over the bouquet on Mother's day!

Those Fresh Cut flowers are appreciated for their ruffled appearance, clove-like scent and extended blooming period.

Though native to the Mediterranean region, Promesas are usually in high demand all over the world - luckily, we are able to source and export flowers in great quality, thanks to the Kenyan farms we rely on.



Also known as the Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria is a very popular wholesale flower in the industry, known as the flower that symbolises meaning of friendship, love, strength and devotion. If you’re looking for a flower that perfectly expresses your love for a friend or partner - Astromerias should be your pick!


Alstroemeria's have no scent but they sure make up for it with their six unique, stunning petals that come in an array of different colours. With a vase life of up to 2 weeks when cared for correctly (take care of your flowers peeps!), this is the ideal flower to brighten up your home.


The colour of the flower denotes different things. The beautiful speckled pink petals of Ishii symbolise gentle feelings and a budding romance. Ishii makes a great addition to a bouquet for someone you are romantically linked to.




Let’s talk spray roses! 


What makes them different to the roses we commonly think of is the clusters of blooms on one stem.

Spray roses are fragile and short which grow from one single stem. They come in lots of colours - ranging from white to deep red - similar to normal roses.

Spray roses have some special traits that make them ideally suited for the use in bouquets. Firstly, they grow multiple blooms per stem. That provides for a beautiful effect in mono or mixed bouquets. The blooms themselves are relatively small which add to an elegant touch in a bouquet, making them one of our all time favourites! 

Odilia is a beautiful pink colour, signifying romance and love, making it the perfect choice for your loved one. One of our fan favourites!



Carnations - “the flower of the Gods” 

Carnations are famous for their long vase life and reliability. They can be found in almost every colour of the rainbow. 

Different countries use different colours of carnations for different occasions, but most often, pink carnations are used for Mother's Day. A pink carnation, such as Baccarat, is also used to show gratitude.

Fun fact: People born in January have carnation as their birth flower.

Carnations are lovely cut flowers that remain fresh for a week or two if taken care of properly and are also edible - so you can pop them on to your dish as the finishing touch - definitely a show stopper! 

What is your favourite variety of Carnation? Baccarat is definitely very high on our list.



The flower of November is “Eskimo”.

Hydrangeas are best known for being the star of many wedding bouquets and centre pieces, but did you know that there are over 75 species of Hydrangeas and that they date back millions of years? 

The name “Hydrangea” is of Greek Origin and they thrive better in cooler temperatures. 

Eskimo is a beautiful white colour and like with most flowers, white Hydrangeas purity, grace and abundance. This makes them the perfect flower to decorate a wedding venue with.



The flower of December is “Pleasure” - a stunning orange Alstroe.

A beautiful way to close the year! 

Alstroemerias are also known as the “Lily of the Incas” or the “Peruvian Lily”

Did you know that the leaves on the stem grow upside down and the main stems can grow up to 3 feet in length? There are also over 50 different species of alstroes. 

As we know, colours of flowers have different meanings. “Pleasure” is a bright orange colour and is aptly named as it denotes  passion, awakenings and reenergised feelings - definitely a powerful flower! 

A beautiful and versatile flower to close out the year of 2022!

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