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We source and export fresh cut Kenyan flowers across the globe.

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We will find your fresh cut flowers and export them to the country of your choice in the finest quality - regardless of the number of Kenyan farms we contact to get them.

We can do that because Sharon Singh, our founder, spent the past 30 years building experience, competency and a wide network in the floriculture industry. Today, she passes that on with passion to her daughter, Saskia Singh.

Together, the mother-daughter duo work miracles to ensure your satisfaction.

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Our job is everything that makes yours easier.

We, at Azalea Blooms are committed to exporting the finest quality of fresh cut flowers. Sourcing flowers is native to our expertise and relationships we built over the past decades. Logistics, however, is a skill we have mastered with dedication. It's quite simple, really.

You want flowers? Contact us. We will source them from over 20 farms, order them, run quality checks and, export them. You get flowers.

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A world full of colour!

Browse through the wide range of flowers - between roses, carnations, alstroemerias, chrysanthemums, and more... you are bound to get lost! That's where we come in.

In case you are still looking for a flower and can't find it, feel free to reach out to us - we might still be able to source it for you!
Check out our flower page for an even wider collection.

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The best floral exporters I ever worked with!

Flowers are all fresh and top quality. They're never wilted or discolored. Always vibrant and beautiful and the service, as always, is top notch.

- Yousef Maher, Saudi Arabia

Sharon has so much experience in the industry, you can ask her almost anything and she will know.

If you place the order on time, you will be sure to get quality and good service. At first I was hesitant with paying a higher price, but now I am a regular - I see my money's worth.

- Alaa Awadha, Iraq

Working with Azalea is so easy - that's why I always come back.

They always have exactly what I am looking for, and that's all a wholesaler asks for, really. I can rely om Azalea for almost any flowers at any time.

- Biju Krishna, UAE

With Azalea, I always feel valued, they never treat us like a transaction!

It was very easy to work with Saskia and Sharon. They were available all the time and quick to reach with any questions.

- Nagendra Mathugalla, Kuwait

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farm relationships

At Azalea, we work with farms that proudly rank amongst ones with the highest standards in terms of labor stability, salaries, benefits, human development and eco-efficient resource management. We strongly believe in growing flowers with social responsibility and environmental awareness; and thus, work very closely with farms that share this belief.

Of Kenyan origin, the Singh duo have an extensive understanding of how, why, where and when to source specific flowers. The richness of Azalea Blooms' collaborations with Kenyan farms have a history ranging back from 1991 and a constant lookout into the future with the latest addition to our portfolio joining in 2020.

Having this wide network allows us to carefully select each and every flower with confidence. Our teams in Kenya will testify to this as they approve the selection at multiple points. Having the advantage of buying from over 25 farms across the country, we are able to source flowers from multiple farms even when production is low during the colder months, or when demand is high during Valentine’s or Eid.

To learn more about the farms we work with and their profiles, visit The Farms page or simply click the button below.

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We know the importance of quality, and we are sure to emphasize that - even with the exceptional variety of flowers we source from Kenyan farms. Combining our quality control with our wide range of expertise allowed us to pride ourselves with an exceptional work record which is highlighted by our ever-growing client list.

What exactly do we mean by quality control, though?

Our singular, most crucial value. This means we aim to guarantee you receive only the finest blooms and not ones that are sub-par in quality. Our quality control teams are spread across different points of the process. The first quality check we attain to happens on the farm, to make sure the flowers ordered are fresh, in the right quantities and packed carefully. The second quality check happens at the JKIA cold rooms, where the flowers are delivered the day of departure. Since Azalea has their own equipment to repack the stems at the airport, we are able to confirm the quality, once again, that you will be receiving. We even have a third quality check! This time, the Kenyan authorities inspect the flower health and certify that they are good to go. Photos will be forwarded to you for approval after which the documentation process can begin.

When we say we care about quality, we mean it. At Azalea, we only offer the best.



The economist Theodore Levitt wrote “The purpose of any business is to create and keep a customer”. We take that to heart.

All customer inquiries, no matter how they’re sent, are captured and organized centrally with our dedicated team members. With immediate access to the both, the client and the farm, we are able to guarantee the finest quality, desired quantity and a wide variety. At Azalea Blooms, your satisfaction is our priority.

We are constantly working on improving the services we deliver to our customers. Our out-of-the-box solutions allow us to work with agility and resourcefulness. Seeing as there are several steps involved in the process, it's our job not only to be precise, but to be resourceful when tackling any challenges unaccounted for.

Our dedication to ensure your satisfaction lies at the heart of Azalea Blooms.


We are flower lovers and enthusiasts who used that passion to celebrate the beauty of nature across continents! We are keen on sourcing the most beautiful, fresh and extraordinary flowers for you - and we can do that because we know exactly what that is.

When you've been working in an industry for generations, the knowledge becomes instinctive and the processes become your source of learnings. We know flowers inside out. We know the altitudes they will best flourish in, when the best seasons to plant, to harvest and to source. We know when to send each specific type to the cold room, and when to put it on a plane.

There is a lot more that goes into the rose that you give your loved ones than picking it up from a shelf, or even from the soil. To understand the flower's life cycle allows us to better source quality at the right time; and we are happy to make that advice transparent for you.

Sharon Singh, our founder, kicked off her career in a corner florist shop in Nairobi, Kenya. The experience gained 'on the ground' was soon expanded to encompass experience 'off the ground' - literally. The valuable knowledge of all the steps taken for that one seed to arrive at your local florist as a blooming pink rose is something Sharon passes on to Saskia Singh, our managing director. She brings with her an innovative and digitally-focussed spin to Azalea Blooms.

The mother-daughter duo together ensure you not only get the best quality of sourced flowers, but the best information to accompany it. Check out our blog to learn more flowers, or go to our flower directory to see all the flowers we source for you.

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premium fresh cut flowers from kenya

Roses, Carnations, Alstroemerias, Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, Calla Lilies, Fillers and more... Browse through our collection of Fresh Cut Flowers sourced and exported directly from Kenyan Farms.

Azalea Blooms Roses

Browse through our wide collection of garden, spray and standard roses to find the ones you want.


Loved as a cut flower and for their fringed blooms, Carnations are a wonderful addition to any collection!

Azalea Blooms Carnations
Azalea Blooms Roses

Our personal all time favourites.. Alstros! Enjoy their elegance in all their beautiful and vibrant colors.


Originally Golden, mums have cultivated over years to give us a full range of colors, from white to purple to red.

Azalea Blooms Roses
Azalea Blooms Roses

It’s the fillers that complement the bouquet. They add texture, interest and shape to floral decor.

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If we learned one thing over the years, it's that there is something for everyone. These are the region's favourites - get in touch if you want to add them to your portfolio!

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Here is our latest take on the industry happenings: from flowers to processes - and everything in between. Head over to our blog for even more content.

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