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Azalea X The Xflora Group

We’re happy to share some exciting news that Azalea is embarking on a new project with The Xflora Group.

Due to the growing demand for spray roses across our clientele, we have partnered with The Xflora Group; one of Kenya’s largest growers of fresh cut roses to grow an area of these sprays  for us to make them available to various markets around the world. The production of these spray roses will be exclusively for Azalea Blooms across one hectare (1 ha) of land at 2200m above sea level. 

This has been a project that has been in the pipeline for at least the past year. Although some challenges were faced, like the logistics of sourcing bud-wood for specific varieties from other farms and breeders, we persevered through and are excited to join the World of Spray Roses with our beautiful product. 8 different varieties of spray roses have been carefully selected after gauging their demand and popularity across multiple markets. Other factors that influenced the selection process has been the yield that the crop will deliver per square meter and the number of buds per stem (5+) and their expected vase life. We have started off with 10 of the most popular varieties and colours of spray roses as below: 

Pushkin – Red 
Snowflake – White 
Marisa – Yellow 
Yellow Babe – Yellow
Orange Babe – Orange 
Alicia – Cerise 
Odilia – Pink 
Salinero – Peach 
Sweet Sara – Baby Pink 
Dinara – Bi Pink 

The project began in April 2022  and the first flush of spray roses has now come through and are commercially ready for us to supply to all of our lovely clients! The Xflora Group are well versed in the production of regular and garden single head roses and garden spray roses and so we are confident that these sprays will be  a successful venture. As with any new undertaking, a trial period was crucial to ensure the highest quality of spray roses achievable and thus, samples were sent out to clients across the globe to attest to their high standard. 

So far, the feedback has been very positive which is a great sign and gives us some insight into the projected success of this new partnership. Having only planted 1 ha of spray roses, a conversation to expand this project with new varieties and bigger volumes, in the near future, is already underway. 

As of January  2023, these beautiful fresh cut spray roses are available to order in a range of different varieties, from stem lengths of 40cm – 70cm. 

Stay tuned for some more floriculture and horticulture news and to learn more about this exciting partnership to bring more gorgeous fresh  flowers to the world!  


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